February is known for being Black History Month and also Valentine’s Day. The month of LOVE…love for appreciation of the ways that Black people created and changed the course of life as we know it in various ways, but also the love of couples. Just walking through any store, you are bombarded with reds, pinks, chocolates and candies and the idea that perhaps so much happiness comes from being in a relationship. The month often comes with a lot of expectations and pressures on what a relationship should or shouldn’t look like. There are even moments when the day is reclaimed as “Galentine’s Day” to celebrate friendships, but alas, we know how to navigate this time through a pandemic…where we are encouraged to social distance, isolate, and to participate in activities virtually.

COVID has changed our lives forever and now we have to reconfigure how we engage in relationships but also how we love ourselves. You must be able to love yourself to have the best relationships, this includes healthy friendships, romantic, work and family relationships.

Let’s explore how to pour into ourselves and show self-love. What is Self-Love? Well I would describe it as being kind to yourself, this includes respecting you mind, body and soul, simply put…loving you! I am sure questions that may arise on how can this be achieved in such an unknown space, during a pandemic with restrictions and encouragement to live as unnatural as possible.


Here are a few steps to start you on your journey to loving you:

~Make a commitment to yourself to put yourself first

~Spend time with yourself – doing something you love

~Set Boundaries

~Forgive yourself

~Write yourself a love note

What if you used this month to start you on your journey to engage in self-love practices and devoted this year to dating yourself and developing a better relationship with you?

*TED,, is the owner of this TED Talk.


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