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Life can be a beast! The lack of satisfaction, peace, and happiness may be present during these trying times and it may be difficult to be proactive in your daily life. Mindfulness may be the inspiration you need to reignite that fire in your life. Are you ready to produce an effective way of sustaining a healthier lifestyle?

Mindfulness is being aware of what is occurring within yourself and in your environment at the present moment. It is a state of acceptance of your experience, rather it is good or bad. While you are in this specific state there is no judgment but insight where you accept things as they are and cultivate each experience.

According to the APA, mindfulness can ameliorate a reduction of rumination, stress, and anxiety while improving relationships, memory, and focus (2012). Mindfulness is becoming one of the leading resources in creating a more vibrant way of living a peaceful life with a positive mindset.

This mindset technique can take on many forms such as meditation, mindfulness walking, yoga, breathing exercises, and guided body scans and inventories. On a day-to-day basis, you can bring mindfulness to the forefront by being aware of your environment, staying present without distractions, being self assure of your decisions instead of judging and second-guessing yourself. This can be done while brushing your teeth, completing chores, or even laying in your bed.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy helps combat anxiety and depression by using cognitive therapy, mindfulness, and meditation. Through this model, the clinician will assist the client to pay close attention to their emotions and thought processes in a non-judgmental environment to sustain an appropriate level of peace. A qualified clinician is ready to guide you through these supportive processes to help you regain your inner peace at Renewed Vision Behavioral Health Services. 

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