February 2022

February is a month that is primarily dedicated to love and relationships. During this time, couples tend to focus on their significant other and celebrating the joy of being connected. Yet, if an individual is not feeling emotionally stable then the dynamic within the relationship can feel disconnected, strained and even shake what could have been a historically strong foundation. Left unaddressed, this could lead to strife or a rift in the couple’s ability to sustain a lasting relationship.

Ensuring that you understand and love yourself is a major component in the cycle of love. If you cannot see yourself through the lens of love, it will be difficult to establish a loving relationship with someone else. It is so often a difficult to find the good in yourself others when the media sets a standard on what is acceptable but you must remember you were created to be you. Here are few steps to initiate how you view yourself:

1. Make a list of positive aspects of your life, personality and accomplishments
2. Speak mantras each day that affirm you are and the magnitude of the love you have or want for yourself!
3. Use sticky notes to write encouraging messages to yourself

It may sound lame but you would absolute love this routine and eventually will notice the shift in how you speak and think about yourself!

Once you have swam through the tunnel of self-love and are navigating becoming the best version of yourself, you can now focus on relationship. Discovering the core of the issues that come up in relationships is imperative before diving into couples counseling. Does your relationship feel off? Maybe this is a sign that you and your partner may need to reconnect.

Here are a few steps to reconnecting in a relationship:

1. Communicating and the sharing of emotions, on a regular basis, is important in maintaining a secure relationship.
2. Expressing gratitude, self-reflection and the acknowledgment of your partner’s feelings are factors within the cornerstone of a healthy relationship.
3. Developing a routine which includes check-ins and commitment to regular dates to remind each other the connection

Try to make loving yourself and your significant other a fundamental part of your life so that the love can extend over a lifetime and become just as natural as breathing. Self-love and secure relationships issues are not always as easy to navigate alone -certain during this month of love. If you are struggling on your own or within your relationship, reach out to Renewed Behavioral Health Services for your free 15-minute phone consultation.

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