Chronic Pain

Did you know that approximately 50 million adults were diagnosed with chronic pain in 2016 and individuals with chronic pain are four times more likely to have depression or anxiety than those who do not experience pain symptoms?

Did you know that pain that lasts beyond six months despite the treatment of the underlying cause is identified as chronic pain?

It is not just the physical pain that impacts the person but the other factors that leads to disruption in daily functioning and relationships which could cause depression and other symptoms. The pain may also be accompanied with the “terrible triad” which includes suffering, sadness and sleepiness which may cause guilt, insomnia and other mental health issues that may be prevalent when living with a long term condition.

Below are several ways one can deal with chronic pain from a mental health aspect:

  • Biofeedback
  • Exercise
  • Adopt a healthier meal plan
  • Spend time with family
  • Participate in hobbies or distraction
  • Learning Deep Breathing Techniques
  • Joining a support group or therapy

Managing chronic pain can also manifest through unhealthy coping strategies that can look like self-harm and the use and misuse of substances. There are so many elements to this condition that you do not have to navigate alone. With proper diagnosis and treatment, including therapeutic assistance, your pain management treatment plan can improve your functionality and quality of life while effectively reducing your level of pain.

Perhaps you have a friend or a loved one with chronic pain; and are struggling with how to support someone in this situation. You can begin with being empathetic which means making an effort to understand the behaviors and feelings of that particular person by looking at the world through their perspective in regards to their pain. It is also important that you take care of yourself as well. Obtaining counseling can help you learn to cope better with your or your loved one’s pain and help you avoid negative thoughts that may increase symptoms or conflict within relationships.

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