Is therapy for me? 6 Signs that you may need to seek therapy:

Well, let’s start by defining exactly what therapy is. You may have heard terms or words such as counseling, psychotherapy, talk therapy or may be just therapy, which can broadly be defined as working with a professional to work on and/or resolve emotions, feelings, beliefs, mental health symptoms and problematic behaviors. Therapy can be used to improve mental health conditions, likewise, you don’t have to have a mental health diagnosis to access services. Many people access therapy for management of stress, life changes, or simply want to improve their lives.


6 Signs that you may need to seek therapy:

  1. You are not functioning like your typical self. Think about your appetite, has it increased or decreased? Noticeable, unintentional weight loss or gain? Are you sleeping more or less than usual? With constant fatigue and decreased energy? Fluctuations in your mood? Are you more sad than usual? Irritable? Or just unable to keep your cool? Difficulty concentrating or focus? These may be signs/symptoms of depression.

  3. You are not performing as effectively at school, work or home. When you are not your best self, you may find it difficult to perform in your typical roles like you normally would. You may have difficulty “keeping up” being an employee, a significant other, a parent, etc due to being distracted, slower, experiencing memory issues, or just plain not having the energy to be your best self. This may manifest itself into increased conflict with co-workers, family members and significant others. Additionally, you may notice that you pull away from your relationships becoming isolated.

  5. You just don’t find pleasure in doing the things that you actually enjoy. People who may be experiencing emotional issues often times feel disconnected from life. Thus, they lose interest in things that typically bring them joy or things that normally come to them with ease suddenly becomes too difficult. This may lead to thoughts about purpose, questioning existence or even wishing that you were no longer alive.

  7. You are coping with stressors negatively. Don’t get me wrong, we all have ways that we manage stress that could be improved, but you may be using methods for stress management that could be potentially dangerous. This may be using illicit drugs and alcohol, engaging in self-injurious activities, or even engaging in high risk sexual behaviors to escape from your reality.

  9. Grief. Grief can come from the loss of any significant relationships including, death, divorce, break ups, refraining from abusing substances or food, and even out growing friendships. We can work with you to help you unpack your cause of grief and support you as you heal.

  11. You wanting to become a better you. Have you ever thought about how far you have come and wondered how you’ve gotten there? Or ever looked in the mirror and felt like you don’t recognize or like the person you’ve become? Do you desire to “get back to yourself” and are unsure where to start? Therapy may be an excellent starting point as you explore who you were, who you are and who you want to be.


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may in fact benefit from therapy. Please reach out to Renewed Visions Behavioral Health Services for you FREE 15 minute phone consultation.